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"Ora na azu nwa."
Nigerian Igbo proverb.
“It takes the community/village to raise a child.”

This saying has never been more relevant than it is today. From the economic demands on families to deciding on vocations, children get guidance, support, instruction and nurturing from a variety of sources. And this shaping of the child’s personality and character comes from parents, peers, siblings and other adults. From best friends to parents to captains of industry to teachers to coaches, the influences are wide-ranging and have impacts in a multitude of ways.

So what kinds of adults do this type of upbringing produce? We would hope for adults that become positive contributing members of society. By-products of providing our children with the tools to shape their futures build our communities in many ways, including:

Create Better Jobs the more qualifications and skills you have (physical, technical, ntellectual, etc.) the more valuable you are to employers, customers, and clients.
Create Better Technology technology makes aspects of our lives easier. Everything from the printing press and pencillin to growing crops and positioning satellites: the ingenuity and creativity of human minds continue to impact our lives greatly.
Create Better Life Choices we make hundreds of decisions everyday. Understanding your strengths and passions help make the decisions about career/occupation, income, education and relationships clearer.

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